Mr. Appel's Syllabus

Rosewood Middle School

Course Syllabus

Social Studies



 I.       Teacher:  David Appel

          Grade Level:  7th Grade

          Subject:  Social Studies


          School Phone Number:  919-736-5050

          Conference times (by appointment only):

Monday-Thursday 1:15-2:30


II.     Course Description:

          Social Studies focuses heavily on geography by using the five themes of location, place, movement, human-environment interaction, and region to understand the emergence, expansion, and decline of civilizations and societies continuing from the 1400’s to present day.      

III.   Course Objectives:

          5 Strands

                    1.  History

                   2. Geography

                   3. Economics and Financial Literacy

                   4. Civics and Government

                   5. Culture


          Areas of Study


                  Geography Skills

                  Intensified Hemispheric Interactions (1000-1500AD)

                  The Emergency of the First Global Age (1450-1770 AD)

                   The Age of Revolutions (1750-1914)

                   A Half-Century of Crisis and Achievement (1900-1945)

                    The 20th Century since 1945

IV.     Classroom Expectations:


          1.  Be Respectful

          2.  Be in your assigned seat, ready to work when class begins.

          3.  Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

          4.  Raise your hand before you walk or talk.

          5.  Follow directions of school personnel.

          6.  No profanity, rude gestures, teasing, or put downs.


V.       Grading Scale:

A = 90 - 100          D = 60 - 69          

B = 80 – 89            F = Below 60

C = 70 - 79


VI.     Grading Percentages:

 Homework – 25%

Quizzes/Classwork – 25%                      

Projects/Tests – 50%                                   


On average students will have between 2 and 3 homework assignments per week. Students will be given a homework log to record all night’s homework. If there is no homework, students will still record that in their homework log.

Students will lose 10 points each day for late assignments.  



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