Communication Skills Syllabus

Rosewood Middle School

Course Syllabus

Communication Skills



I.       Teacher:  Connie V. Robinson

          Grade Level:  6th Grade

          Subject:  Communication Skills


          School Phone Number:  919-736-5050

          Conference times (by appointment only):

          Monday-Thursday 8:00-8:30; Wednesday 3:00-3:30


II.     Course Description:

         Communication Skills incorporates grammar, vocabulary, reading,
writing. Students will review and build upon previously
        learned ideas 
in order to improve comprehension and to
        communicate effectively.    


III.   Course Objectives:

           Reading Literature and Informational Text

                   Key ideas and details

                   Craft and structure

                   Integration of knowledge and ideas

                   Range of reading and level of text complexity


                   Text types and purposes

                   Production and distribution of writing

                   Research to build and present knowledge

                   Range of writing

          Speaking and Listening

                   Comprehension and collaboration

                   Presentation of knowledge and ideas


                   Conventions of Standard English

                   Knowledge of language

                   Vocabulary acquisition and use

IV.     Classroom Expectations:

          1.  Be in your assigned seat, ready to work when class begins.

          2.  Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

          3.  Raise your hand before you walk or talk.

          4.  Follow directions of school personnel.

          5.  No profanity, rude gestures, teasing, or put downs.


V.       Grading Scale:

           A = 90 - 100          D = 60 - 69          

   B = 80 – 89            F = Below 60

           C = 70 - 79


VI.     Grading Percentages:


          Class participation – 10%

          Class work/homework – 30%

          Quizzes/interactive notebook – 30%                      

          Projects/tests – 30%                

        *10 points will be automatically deducted for all late work