Mrs. Ham's Science Syllabus

 Rosewood Middle School

Course Syllabus Requirements


  1. Teacher:  J. Ham

    Grade:  6th

    Subject:  Science


    School phone number:  919-736-5050

    Conference times:  M-Thurs. 8:00-8:30 & Wednesday 3:00-3:30 by appointment


  2. Course Description:

*Students in sixth grade science will study forces and motion as related to waves; properties and change of matter; energy conservation and transfer; Earth in the Universe; Earth systems, structures and processes; structures and functions of living organisms(plants); ecosystems; and scientific inquiry.

      III.          Course Objective:

1st 9 weeks

             Goal 1:  Understand the properties of waves and the wavelike property of energy in earthquakes, light, sound and thermal.

             Goal 2:  Understand the structure, classifications and physical properties of matter.

             Goal 3:  Understand characteristics of energy transfer and interactions of matter and energy.

2nd  9 weeks

             Goal 4:  Understand the earth/moon/sun system, and the properties, structures, and predictable motions of celestial bodies in the Universe.

3rd 9 weeks

             Goal 5:  Understand the structure of the earth and how interactions of constructive and destructive forces have resulted in changes in the surface of the Earth over time and the effects of the lithosphere on humans.

4th  9 weeks

             Goal 6:  Understand the structures, processes and behaviors of plants that enable them to survive and reproduce.

             Goal 7:  Understand the flow of energy through ecosystems and the responses of populations to the biotic and abiotic factors in their environment.

All 9 weeks

            Goal 8:   Understand the scientific inquiry method.

IV    Materials: Items below are included in team supply list except experiment/project & home items.

           *Marble journal notebook & spiral single subject notebook


         *Loose leaf notebook paper

         *Pocket folder without brads or pocket divider for science section in binder             

         *Experiment and/or project materials as needed

Note: Glue, scissors, colored pencils, etc. needed at home for possible completion of classwork.

V.  Classroom Expectations:

       *As you enter room, move quickly and quietly to your assigned seat.

       *Bring all required materials to class daily.

       *Sharpen pencils before class begins.

       *Raise your hand for permission to talk or get out of seat.

       *Follow directions including teacher dismissal at end of class.

       *Do your best!  Have FUN! J

VI.   Grading Scale:

        A=90-100                   D=60-69              

        B=80-89                       F=Below 60         


VII.   Grading Percentages:      **Late work: 5 points will be deducted from ALL work not turned in on time!

            Test/Projects-50%          Classwork-25%          Quiz-25%

Note: Homework will be to complete classwork and/or projects. Additionally students will need to study curriculum at home for success on test/quiz and optimal learning!


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