Ms. Mooring's Syllabus

Rosewood Middle School

Course Syllabus Requirements



I.             Jennifer Mooring

               Social Studies Grade 7



                Conference Times:  12:00-1:00


II.            Course Description

Social Studies – Students will study the world from the Age of Exploration to contemporary times in order to understand the implications of increased global interaction.  The focus will be on the discipline of geography by using the themes of location, place, movement, human-environmental interaction, and region to understand modern societies and regions.  This course will guide students through patterns of change and continuity with a focus on conflict and cooperation, economic development, population shifts, political thought and organization, cultural values and beliefs and the impact of environment over time

.  III.       Course Objectives

                Social Studies –

                1. Use historical thinking to analyze various modern societies

                2.  Understand the implications of global interactions

3.  Understand how geography, demographic trends, and environmental conditions     shape   modern societies and regions

                4.  Apply the tools of a geographer to understand modern societies and regions

                5.  Understand the economic activities of modern societies and regions

                6.  Understand the development of government in modern societies and regions

7.  Understand how cultural values influence relationships between individuals,                            groups, and   political entities in modern societies and regions


IV            Materials needed for Lewis/Parrish/Uzzell/ Mooring Team

Notebook paper

2” Binder (not a trapper keeper)

5 subject composition book

5 pack dividers

Blue or black ink pens

#2 pencils

Graph paper

2 two-pocket folders

V.            Classroom Rules



                On time



                On task

A more detailed list of rules and consequences will be discussed with students when school begins and will be outlined in the student handbook

V.            Grading Scale





                F= 60 and lower

VI.          Final Grade Percentages

                Tests – 30%

                Projects – 30%

                Quizzes – 20%

                Classwork – 15%

                Homework – 5%


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